I need feedback on some tools i made

Well, I have not posted in a long time, but recently I have played Regicide and since I like to build for fun and not for making games, I started a remake, here I have some images of what I did and i would love suggestions of what to change or your opinions

so, how is the day of everyone?

i hope i posted this in the correct section


Yeah, you posted this in the right category.

Alright let’s talk about the axes first. The middle one’s blade obviously needs some detail or decoration.

The tools in the second photo (I don’t know what those are) are fine, but also, the middle one needs more texture/decoration like the first one.

The knives/swords — they need a lot more detail. Take a look at the classic knife, like the one in Murder Mystery 2. Add a decal, texture, or add more detail.

The backpacks — nice shape! But again, it needs more detail. Try adding decor like the brand name, 3D pockets, and also some more texture.

I’d say nice job, but it needs more decoration.