I need help about the resolution of roblox

Hello, so this happened an hour ago and I tried to fixing this issue, I don’t know which category I should’ve putted this in but I really need help. Any help is highly appreciated!

So, this is the problem:

the resolution of the titles and every UI/GUI is completely too small It was much bigger, I accidentally pressed some keys and It just went small, I tried to press the same keys but I didn’t know what keys I pressed. I even uninstalled ROBLOX, still the same and I tried rescaling the resolution of my laptop and then putting it back into the normal size, and I even tried to restart my laptop. I really need help with this, I don’t like this small size of ROBLOX.

NOTE: If this isn’t the right category I am really sorry but I just really need help with this because this is annoying and I don’t like it at all and I cannot really read it.

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Strange I haven’t seen this before. This should be under the roblox game bugs category. What I would recommend doing is installing roblox on the windows store until a staff member can check this out.

Hm…Wait can’t just just scale it back? Or are you talking about the text?

I’m talking about the text, I tried scaling it back the text but idk

Okay, but I don’t like Microsoft ROBLOX so I won’t use that. I don’t think so a staff member can check this out because they are too busy.

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Solution for people who have this issue:

Open a game in ROBLOX and then open task manager and find “Roblox Game Client”

Right click and press “Open File Location” and then right click on RobloxPlayerBeta.exe and go to properties and In the properties go to compatibility tab
After you went into “Compatibility” Tab click “Change high DPI Settings” image
After that If you got “Override high DPI scaling behavior” checked, just uncheck it and you should have the normal text again, Press “Ok”.

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