I need help adding an overhead gui to a different team

I need help on how to add an overhead gui for each team, for example the red team would have a red symbol over the teams head, or the blue team would have a blue symbol over their head. (Two seperate overheads)


The simplest way to do this is via a server script using the following method:

  • Create a BillboardGui in Studio first as a template, with all of the scaling and positioning where you’d like it. Parent it somewhere convenient, let’s say ServerStorage.
  • Upon the CharacterAdded event firing, clone the BillboardGui from that location and parent it to the player’s character/head, and set it’s Adornee property to their Head or HumanoidRootPart.
  • Check the colour of their team (for example by using Player.TeamColor) If it’s red, make the text or symbol colour red, else if it’s blue, make it blue.