I need help changing which place i spawn in

I am trying to make it that i spawn in the lobby and not chapter 1. When i started to make the game i first made chapter 1 and then the lobby, but when i join the game i spawn in chapter 1. How can i change it anybody know (if it’s possible)

You unfortunately are unable to change thee Start place as it was removed a few years ago

The best you an do in this scenario is to download Chapter 1 and Lobby, make a new game, Publish the lobby into the new game you made and then make a place in the game and publish Chapter 1 to it


Do you got any idea how you can do it cause i have tried. I made it so Lobby is it’s own game, but i cant put Chapter 1 in the same game?

Did you add a new place to the new game you made that has the Lobby as a starter place?

yes, but i don’t know how to make is so it’s Chapter 1

I think you can open up the downloaded Chapter 1 you have and publish it to that new place you made, if possible

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