I need help deleting multiple identical scripts, but the work takes forever. What do I do?

So a few weeks ago, I installed a gap-fill plugin which turned out to be a fake from the real one. This plugin inserted a FillGap script into almost all 16,000 parts in my game.

Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 6.42.50 PM
The script contains this almost-forever code that makes my game insanely laggier than before. It takes longer to load the game in-studio as well.

What do I do and what plugins can I use to delete all of these?
Thank you so much for your time.


Have you removed the fake plugin now? If so just run this in your command bar:

for _, descendant in ipairs(workspace:GetDescendants()) do if descendant.Name == "FillGap" then descendant:Destroy() end end

I have removed the plugin. I’ll see if that works.

EDIT: It worked! Thank you so much! My Roblox studio works faster now.

Wow more ugly as hell obfuscation. Just use @sjr04 code and It will delete them, and I advise getting everything in game, because they may be somewhere else

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I asked the OP for one of those duplicate obfuscated scripts. I was able to dump its constants and found it requires this module:


Which itself contains even more obfuscated code. Guess what I did next? Dumped that script’s constants.

Guess what? Led to this module!


And even more obfuscated code! No prize for guessing what I did next.

This one is a little more special.

local RunServ = game:GetService("RunService")

local mod = {}
function mod.arius()
	if RunServ:IsStudio() then
		if game.ServerScriptService:FindFirstChild("AriusServer") then
			local SERVER = script.AriusServer:Clone()
			SERVER.Parent = game.ServerScriptService
			local TP = script.AriusTP:Clone()
			TP.Parent = game.ServerScriptService
return mod

Surprise surpise, not obfuscated! Right? No. This module has scripts inside of it. It basically checks that this is in a live game and not studio so you don’t smell anything fishy while play-testing.

The scripts inside this module are indeed obfuscated as well. It contains a tool. I gave up from here.