I need help disabling ROBLOX chat read description

But I seriously hope that someone who knows about custom chat systems can help with this because I am very desperate to get an answer on how to fix this without remaking it to basically be the ROBLOX’s default Bubble Chat but edited.

I don’t even know if this is a 100% the solution to this.

Sorry, I was only meaning Client UI. The bubble chat is completely seperate and I think it should persist even if you set up a custom chat within the player UI.

Do you know what’s the solution to this problem then?

I am honestly completely lost as to what to do to fix this problem right now and no one’s giving me any real answers

I hope that someone can please help me fix this problem.

And no it doesn’t persist even if I set up the custom chat

Disabling both classic and bubble chat will not fully disable Roblox’s chat system. It’ll affect the client’s ability to send messages but the backend will still be running. I don’t assume that’s what you want.

Turn off LoadDefaultChat to stop the Lua Chat System from being automatically added into your game. You can additionally use SetCoreGuiEnabled to get rid of the Chat buttons. From there, work your magic with your own chat system.

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Alright, thanks for helping, you explained everything well.