I need help figuring out how to make VFX (Voxel effects)

I’m making a voxel-based game, and all the assets are pixelated like this:

but not shaded like so. Just simple materials
Without revealing too much, the game is going to have some simple effects in it, such as water splashing when players touch the water, lava from volcanoes, waterfall splashing, trails, smoke, etc. (all voxelated)
But…I’m not sure how to approach this.
I’m thinking of making the animations then exporting them as FBXs, but…not exactly sure how to do this and if it’s the right way to do it.
Such as how to make the vfx pixelated, and…I’m quite new to making VFX, and this game is going to be a solo one.
Especially how to do export the animations, an idea that ran through my head was to import each separate frame as a build, and then put them together, but that’s long…
Or I could export them as a modifiers animation (plugin) and put them in roblox.
But I’m stuck. And I don’t want to try something and have it fail, (though that is a good way to go) as it seems it’d take ages to stumble upon the answer (though i bet it’s going to be something simple I overlooked).
Can some kind-hearted developers help me sort it out in my mind?
Also if this topic is in the wrong category please let me know, like if it should be in #help-and-feedback:art-design-support or something.

Thank you!


I’m not quite sure what you are trying to achieve here, but if is the actual modelling process of these probs, then blender has a great modifier for this called the Remesh Modifier. Your mesh can be configured to remesh into blocks from there.

Sadly I’m not that expierienced in VFX creation, but I think importing them as a frame by frame 3D model might be a bit too heavy on the memory. Perhaps rig it up or something?

Have you considered making 2D voxel (ish) effects? Most voxel games on Roblox just use particle emitters with square particles. You can also change the direction the particle faces and get some cool effects with ParticleEmitter.Orientation.

As far as 3D voxel effects, I’d suggest creating your own particle emitter that emits cubes (that snap to their voxel position if you’re going for a very voxel like effect) (and only emits on the client).

Almost all of the amazing voxel effects you might have seen are made on voxel based engines that are heavily optimized.

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Ik about the remesh modifier, that’s what I use.
Using 2d effects might work, but it might also take away from the effect of the game.
I like your idea about particle emmiters emmiting blocks.
After all, I’m not making any detailed effects like the ones you showed, just simple ones like a bit of splash at the bottom of a water fall, or some fire.
I think for stuff like the waterfall i can use particle blocks.
and for fire and dust I can use 2d.

The thing is, I stink at scripting but I found this thankfully

But what about effects that aren’t just particles? Like explosions (not that my game will have explosions). Or magical powers? (again, not gonna have them tho)