I need help finding a way to make structures easily!

Hello, I need help making structures such as stores, houses, and towers. I would like them to have space for security guards, and other details I would like to add. My game style is more like a Tom Clany’s game style, thanks in advance!


  • I do not want to use blender or meshes, just ordinary Roblox parts (blocks, wedges, circles, and cylinders)

  • I could try some suggested plugins

  • None of the Topics I could fined fit my style, so please try to suggest something new.

I want the structures to have this style to fit my game:


Union and Negates try learning and doing that

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yeah i know hwo to do those but i just cant get anythign to look good all my houses look fat and short

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Building takes a lot of practice. I’ve been building for over a year and I still have trouble figuring out scaling sometimes. It takes a while to learn, just keep going at it!

What I suggest is that you sketch your buildings before building. That will make it easier for you to start off with the build.

Use a regular sized NPC for proportions so you don’t make the builds too big or too small. It really is helpful.

Finally start off with placing parts and “building up” your model from floor to roof.

If this reply does not give you the answers you seek then I recommend you to have a look at this topic, it gives a more in depth explanation: Ruski's Tutorial #2 - How to design a simple house

Thank you very much! It’s a good way to start a build.

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tbh if you cant do union and negates, or it looks weird when you do, just get blender dude it’ll save you in the long run