I need help for a whitelist system

I would like to put a whitelist system to my map. Now I am wondering because even if I put the whitelist system to delete the workspace and I obfuscate it, it will be possible for some users to go in the code and just delete it, and it means that they bypassed the obfuscator and can use the map. Is there any way I can put the script with the whitelist in a non accessible script or is there any other way even if a user bypasses it, they can’t use it.

Let’s say for example that if a user has the license, the workspace spawns and if they don’t have it and they leaked it, the workspace doesn’t show. But it has to get the actual workspace items from and outside source (not server storage etc. because they can easily get that out of there), so they can’t just spawn the map themselves.

Any ideas?

I am a bit confused by what you are asking/what you mean though

You can try to put the script in ServerScriptService, where exploiters can’t access it.
Exploiters Can Not access serverscriptservice or serverstorage unless you let them with remote events

You can create a ModuleScript and use require()

No, not exploiters. I want to sell my map. If it gets leaked the leaker can easily remove the whitelist system and can use it without problems. I want it, let’s say, if the user doesn’t have the license from parcel or mypod the map disappears

I will see more about the require option because i don’t know a lot about it.

That won’t help, you sadly can’t stop exploiters from taking your map in any way. If they can join the game and the map is visible to them, they can just download the map and take it from you. There is no way to actually stop this.

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Okay, thanks for the help. I thought I could prevent it somehow.

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