I need help for Blender 2.8

Yo, does anybody know how to learn Blender Roblox Character Animating and Model making on Blender 2.8? Most of them are outdated.

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Have you tried google and YouTube?

Be more pacific on what you need help with. Rather than just saying “I need help with Blender modeling”, give more examples like “I need help on modeling (insert what you are trying to model).” It would help us more on better ways to help you and it makes it easier to pin point a solution to your problem.

For animations, use Den_S’s Blender rig exporter/animation importer.

If you want to learn how to model objects and use other features Blender has to offer, I suggest checking out Blender Guru. The channel has many tutorials on how to use the software.

I’m trying to animate and model a hockey stick

Like I said, Most of them are OUTDATED

I found many, such as this, this, and this. They all talk about modeling on 2.8, im guessing you didn’t do a google search, lol.

Yeah, I’m kind of dumb. I googled “Roblox Blender 2.8 Tutorial”

We all make mistakes! I understand why you did it.