I need help for making a system to send something to a Guilded chat

Hello developers,

I have runned into a problem. I want to make a system to send a message to a Guilded Chat from a Roblox game. Now my problem?..

How would I create a system like that? I’ve tried to look at webhooks but I don’t they work fully work yet for sending messages to Guilded (Without RTBF).

If someone get me some help that would be great!

I prefer to use Discord, but I believe Guilded works similar in which it uses http post requests. Usually webhooks are used, but you say they don’t work fully. I usually use Discord for webhooks, and I can easily show you that if you wish.

From what I understand from reading the docs about webhooks it only works for “Right to be forgotten” (For now) and not for the use of sending data from a Roblox game to Guilded.

Then discord seems to be a good way to send information rather than guilded.

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