I need help how to delete the shirt advertisements in the game?

Hello i was working on my game and it showed up some shirt and pants advertisements on my screen.
If anyone know how to fix this please comment my topic.

You should search for script that have a weird name or check them individually.

To easily find where this is coming from do Ctrl-Shift-F to find all then search for MarketplaceService. This is likely to be in a free model.


You can do what @Canopius said. However, some backdoor script would use require. For this, you can search for keywords like:

  1. require
  2. IsStudio
  3. getfenv
  4. setfenv
  5. loadstring

Do note that some of these scripts may need to use these keywords, so make sure to read the script to understand what they do.

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Like some other people in this thread said, this is a virus and possibly contains a backdoor as well.
I suggest you search through every script by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + F then search for the following keywords:



If you have results for those keywords, the script is most likely a virus and if you don’t recognize it you should delete it.
I can also recommend an anti-virus plugin for you. It searches your scripts for similar things and warns you when it found a potential virus.

I hope this helped!

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In addition to the other suggestions made, please also ensure that you don’t have any ‘malware’ plugins.