I need help making a boat robbery!


i found this video on youtube a while ago.
and i was wondering, how do i make somthing
like this boat robbery

so i tried for so long to make it, but i cant, can
anyone leave some code/help in replys to help? its
my 2nd dream to make something on roblox studio

(feel free to leave a download link to somthing like this)

Can you be more specific with what you want?

If you want the robbery to be like jailbreak’s bank, it shouldn’t be too difficult, but if you want a robbery like a museum or cargo ship, it may be a little harder

kinda like the cargoship, but not to much

i kinda want it to be like where the boat enters the map, you have 1 minute to get abord before it leaves,
then you can start looking for items to colleect, why the boat moves, and you have to escape by opening a door before 5 minutes, if you doont escape in 5 minutes, you fail, and go oof

That’d require CFrames for the boat moving and yourself within it, values, and how you’d collect them (if you’re thinking about E to hold, I’d recommend game:GetService("UserInputService")). Try to find some tutorials separately on how to do functions (such as opening door, moving a model, having the model disappear shortly), as they will help you out. After you managed to do all the tutorials separetly, you should come out with the final product, the boat robbery! I’d also recommend to research these functions whilst you’re doing that, as it’ll improve your skillset.

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