I need help making a control system

So I’m basically making a short game in which you’re in a hexagonal tube and you have to jump over obstacles and get to the end.

You’re running infinitely and get faster as you go. I’ve already scripted those parts.
i want it to be so if you press “D” or LEFT then the entire map will rotate 45 degrees to the left, and you’ll jump so that you can land on it.
And if you press “A” or RIGHT then the entire map rotates 45 degrees to the right, and you jump to you can land on it.
And if you press both buttons together, then you will jump up normally. But that’s the only way to jump straight.
And the longer you hold, the longer you stay in the air. I’m not saying you will get higher and higher, but you will stay hovering in the air (after a certain limit you fall back down)
Like this:

I’m a decent scripter, but making the leap from JAvaScript and Python to Lua is a bit tricky, for example, all the API I have to learn.
So can someone please help me with it?

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Can someone help me? Please? My motivation for making the game is fading.