I need help making the character face the mouse

I need the player to face the mouse when they charge up their move but when they do, they shake around and move instead of just staying still.

heres my code

event.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(plr, hit)
	local vel = Instance.new("BodyVelocity")

	vel.MaxForce = Vector3.new(0,999999,0)

	vel.Velocity = Vector3.new(0,0,0)

	vel.Parent = plr.Character.HumanoidRootPart
	plr.Character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame = 
        CFrame.new(plr.Character.HumanoidRootPart.Position, hit)
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Use a BodyGyro to rotate the character, and use the BodyVelocity to keep the character in place

how would I use body gyro? I’ve never used stuff like this

Personally, I don’t think this is bad. If u add some sfx that represent a charge, the shake may be actually benefic for the gamefeel. It adds some immersivity and empowers the idea that the character is charging their power.

its just a bit too hard to aim though
(there’s sounds I just have roblox turned down lol)

I think being hard to aim is good. I mean, what if 2 teamers spam the same person. A fully charged ranged attack should not be an insta kill. This also implies the requirement of skill.

yea but its a PVE game and thats the ultimate

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BodyGyro applies a rotational force to whatever it’s parented to

In your case you would do:

event.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(plr, hit)
	local Character = plr.Character
	local RootPart = Character.HumanoidRootPart

	local vel = Instance.new("BodyVelocity")
	vel.MaxForce = Vector3.new(math.huge, math.huge, math.huge)
	vel.Velocity = Vector3.zero
	vel.Parent = RootPart

	local gyro = Instance.new("BodyGyro")
	gyro.MaxTorque = Vector3.new(400000, 400000, 400000)
	gyro.D = 350
	gyro.P = 30000
	gyro.Parent = RootPart

	gyro.CFrame = CFrame.new(RootPart.Position, hit)
	task.delay(2, function()

It’s also worth noting you should be managing all movement on the client, and not relying on the server to tell the client where & how to move