I need help on cancatonating

Im not sure if I’m saying it right but what i mean is what those two dots i keep seeing when people are printing.

You need to be more specific, what do you need help with?
What does do and mean? even mean?
The .. operator on two strings is for concatenation which join two strings together.

Could you show me an example?
Next Time i shall be more clear with my wording but what i mean is what are they used for?

print("The answer to 5+5 is ".. 5+5 .." !")

Your output would be 10.

That’s concatination. ^

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Thats much more clear now. So is cancatonating a way of doing two actions at once in a string?


Basically it’s to add a value to a string.


Thanks!!! this really helps as i was very confused.

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You could also do something like

local word = "hello"

print(word.." world!")
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I completely understand now THANKS!!!

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You’re more than welcome.

If you need anymore help feel free to ask.

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