I need help on how to make a gun stop shooting after its out of ammo

I have been working on a simple gun and I have made a reload, ammo, and shooting thing for it. My question is how do I stop the gun from firing after it runs out of ammo?

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This should probably be put under #help-and-feedback:scripting-support

-- Something will wrong but hope this will help you  
  --You need to have ammo,max_ammo or something like that to make the gun
        ammo = 10
        max_ammo = 10

    --If the gun in fire you need to check it
-- Start Active MouseClick or Tool.Actived here
    if ammo > 0 then
    ammo = ammo - 1
    --Your Fire script here
    wait(5) -- Time Cooldown
    ammo = max_ammo

You should put this under a support category next time, to receive the needed support to your problem.

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Sorry I thought I put it in the right place? But I realized when I looked at it after the post creation that its in cool creations sorry.

Ah thanks for that bit of code. I didn’t consider having 2 variables for ammo.