I need help on texture painting in blender for roblox

Ok, so I just wanted to know something. If I texture paint my mesh in blender, then I import it to roblox studio, will it show the colours i painted? I need this because I wanted to make some designs ontop of just plain colours that I put in the UV editing. I couldnt find any tutorials on this, so can someone please show me?


If you export to .fbx and import your mesh it should automatically upload the image with it. If it didn’t upload you can upload your image as a decal and insert the AssetId under TextureId.


Hi Adam. It really depends, because sometimes the texture will NOT pass through from blender to Roblox if you export from blender as OBJ. I suggest exporting as FBX.

Otherwise, if you do want to export as OBJ you need to bake the texture on the model or make a texture asset out of your texture (in which case might be problematic with custom UV wraps).



When i use the UV editing tab, I can only put regular colours on my mesh.

I use this Colour Palette:

The thing is I want a design. For example a dragon on a Heavy Sword. I can only do this with the texture painting tab, but I am not sure if it will work out. I also see some people do it, but I dont know how they do it.

Look at this model. The dripping on the eye looks like it had to be hand painted on blender with texture paint. Its impossible to do that with UV editing


It is not impossible at all. In-fact, it is quite simple.

Simple UV unwrapped and edited. (At it’s lowest degree)

You can just make a cool face in photoshop for example and put that on your model, while editing the UV map.



did you make that right now?


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Yep, took me exactly 40 seconds.

Google the image > download > open blender > UV Unwrap > load the image > edit the UV Map.