I need help structuring my game

Hello, I need help with the base structure of my game. I am making a Backrooms Inspired horror game that features multiple levels like the design of both Escape the Backrooms and Aperiaphobia.

I am wondering where I should store maps, how to change levels, and how to change local and server scripts for main objectives and effects. For example, I have map 1 which has an objective to escape and some client effects; the same with map 2. How can I load those to clients and the server when needed?

the maps in server storage so that players cannot access them. first of all you can’t load any map and at certain points you could figure yourself out with dashes if the player passed a map and as the player passes in different areas you erase others behind and put invisible walls behind him so he can’t see the deleted parts and you load another map and so on

How would loading scripts and local scripts work?

  • A local script is a LocalScript. It runs on the client.
  • A loading script is a LocalScript in ReplicatedFirst. It runs as soon as the game starts loading. You can call ReplicatedFirst.RemoveDefaultLoadingScreen to make your own loading screen from here, as stated in the documentation.

Sorry for the miscommunication, I meant when a new map loads, how could I change some of the client and server scripts?

Ah, that makes sense.

So, first you need all the same scripts to be saved to a package.
Then, create a few new places.
Insert the package.
do your scripts and stuff

I am so sorry for the very late response, very busy with school! But can you explain what and how to create a package? My thought was to save it into server storage.

Right-click your script and there should be an option that says:
“Save as package”
Or soemthign like that, press that and you should be done, you shouldn’t be Abel to ”publish” it, I don’t know what’s after it as I never tried m

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So same as ModuleScripts, I just use require to import it?

IDK what to do after, as I said, I don’t have experience with Packages, but I heard taht if you update the Package it’ll update everything…

Well I should hope the packages update when I update them

Just try or look at the Documentation

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That’s how.

You have two options with ModuleScripts. You can save them as a package (you can change versions and all of that, but it isn’t public) or you can make them a MainModule (harder to change versions, but you can make it public).