I need help terrain problems

im pretty sure this is the right category anyways ive been messing around with terrain i suck with terrain so i need some tips heres what ive been messing around with

please give feedback and tips im new with terrain


It isn’t bad, but don’t try to cram too much into too small an area. If you look around in the real world you rarely find that many different types of material in such a small space.

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thank you for your help its always apreciated

Sounds like a start to getting comfortable with the tools and options, you should try to do a little research on your own to find tips and information on how to get better if your wanting to create more quality terrain designs.

There are better methods for creating terrain, gathering and using real life, landscapes with different terrain designs included it is a good way to incorporate the proper material in there right placed and to find what type of terrain you are wanting to go about. Playing around with certain styles and see what suits your liking.

With what you have now use real life locations everything looks to cluttered and to much elevations is in one place

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