I need help! Theres exploiters playing loud music

Theres been alot of exploiting in my game recently, they have also played loud music that makes me shutdown the servers. I’m really clueless on what to do. I’m a new developer and i get really confused easily, i really need help! :frowning:

Heres an example what people do:


Backdoor. Check you games for free models and viruses.


Thank you for the reply, ill check that.

Have you imported any models or free assets from the Toolbox? There’s a chance it contained a virus or hack script.

Otherwise, the hacker may be injecting code that plays music. When a client plays a sound, by default, it is replicated to the server. RespectFilteringEnabled is an option on the SoundService. Enabling this option will stop sounds automatically replicating from the client to the server.

More information here.

I have a virus checker, but i don‘t know if it can detect all of the viruses.

That could the reason why, many virus checkers are packed with backdoors. Especially ones made by an nontrustable creator. Can you tell us what plugin you are using?

A good way to check for virus scripts is by going to your ‘Explorer’ window and searching for “Script” on the search bar at the top. If there are any scripts that look unfamiliar, remove them.

Im using RoDefender, is it good?

RoDefender hasn’t been updated since 2016. You’re better off manually looking for what’s causing this. Press Cmd+Shift+F. This brings up the Find All window. Here, you can search all of your scripts for a specific phrase. Try searching for require.

RoDefender only searches script names for common ones that are linked to old viruses. Newer viruses are completely away from this and commonly inject source directly into one of your existing scripts. When you search, it doesn’t mean delete all scripts with require in them. It means carefully sift through your results and find places you didn’t insert yourself.


I’m no professional but, I think the plugin you are using seems kind of trustable. I check the creator’s profile, description, plugin like ratio, and comments. The result is it’s a trusted plugin.

I suggest listening to @riverman56 advice.

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If you use Ro defender and you have a Script named like a virus name then your script will be deleted. It doesn’t say which virus has been removed. You can use Guardian Angel. It allows you to remove viruses without your knowing.


Manually searching is always better than downloading a virus defender plugin. Guardian Angel hasn’t been updated since June 2020 and it’s likely that it won’t find newer viruses.


I thought he needs a Plugin! :grin:


Alr, thanks for the reply. :smiley:

Thanks, ill try this out when i get back on my pc.

Press Control F, and put in words such as getfenv and require. Also look for words like RoSync, last synced, and others.

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