I need help with a low poly game

What do people usually use to make a low poly game? Im fine with the building but whenever i play a low poly designed game the lighting is a lot different then normal roblox lighting. Well all i really did was turn all my modeling into smooth plastic and stopped the cast shadow and it still looks like something is wrong. What can i do to make the lightning more low poly looking?

For lighting I would recommend this topic

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ok thank you so much! this will be useful for me to use

Low poly games with designed meshes are normally created within a 3D modeling software, you could make most of the objects inside just Studio since alternative software aren’t required however they could still be used when needed:

The lighting that is placed inside games related to the style is just experimenting every lighting isn’t in the same when playing ‘cartoony games’ you just have to experiment and tweak different lighting properties. I’m assuming you’re referring to the cartoony style which is used in a variety of game types. If your looking for a specific lighting setting. See here:

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ColorCorrection. All you really need is ColorCorrection, and a lot of tweaking to get it just right.

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