I need help with a mesh

So for example let’s say I have mesh and I import it in roblox studio, then is there an option to put some roblox material on that textures, so the texture of the mesh are mixed up with roblox material?

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To my knowledge there isn’t a option to mix the roblox material with the texture of the mesh if the texture covers the whole entire mesh.

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I’d copy the texturedid of the mesh, remove it from the mesh, set the mesh to a default roblox texture, create a texture object, paste in the previous textureid, and set it to whatever sides you want. It’s not a completely blended option but it’s all i can think of

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If you look on youtube, theres tutorials on how to import textured meshes into roblox studio. Ill look for it for you.

Try this:

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Textures override Material properties on MeshParts. So regardless of a MeshPart’s Material, be it SmoothPlastic, Sand, or anything, the Material will not be shown.

If you’re asking “Is there a way to make the MeshPart’s Material show while having some colour differences?” the only way is to use Vertex Painting, since that’s not an inherent texture that overrides the Material. Vertex Painting only serves to change the colour of vertices on the MeshParts

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This is not really what I asked, but thank you, I’ll need this too.

so with vertex painting I can paint and the material will show upon the colors? But what do you mean by saying

I mean like this. This object is using VertexPainting in Blender. It’s then exported as .fbx as that’s the only file type that supports it on Roblox.

Then in Studio, it looks like this:

You can find more info on how to use Vertex Painting in the support forums and wikis of whatever software you use. I’m not about to explain how to Vertex Paint :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you that’s what I need :slight_smile: