I need Help with a Music Generaor

Hello Devs I need help on my game that im making i added 3 songs and im basically making a club game and so i added 3 songs and i want that everytime each songs finishes th next comes i dont want it to repeat itself but i want it to continue the process

We can accomplish playing every song continuously by using a while loop.

-- Place this in a server script in "workspace" or serverscriptservice.

local Songs = workspace.ClubSongs -- Define our songs folder

-- Create our while loop
while true do
    -- For every song: do *this*
    for index, song in pairs(Songs:GetChildren()) do
        --Ensure the item is a sound, and make sure its not playing
        if song:IsA("Sound") and not song.IsPlaying then
            song.Ended:Wait() -- Pause interating while the song is playing

Go near the bottom of this article and there’s a code snippet under the name ‘Music Randomizer’ You can set it up to work with simple id’s in a table or via a folder like how you currently have it setup. This will allow randomization & songs wont repeat :slight_smile:

Ty i will try it and tell you the outcome