I Need help with a Sandbox tycoon placement

I can’t seem to find any good sandbox placement turtorials its for a tycoon i am making and i have a plot system and owner system so any turtorial on how to make a placement system?

Always do research before creating threads on support. This looks like what you’re looking for.

another similar one:

I have seen that post i dont know what the person is doing i have no idea

Try and find a youtube video instead, where they explain the steps they go through and make sure you understand what they’re doing so you learn along the way.

i tried but nothing came up yes some did but i had to use a free model for some i just want to know how to make it non with where you have the be the Owner of the plot to build

tell me exactly what u want to do?
normal tycoon with red circles that u hit and buy stuff to a base or what

Nope i want to make a tycoon like Factory simulator or miner heaven or what games has like where you can place the droppers and convayers where ever you want to on the plot only the Owner of the plot can place there

ohh i did that in my tower defense game

so where are the slots? I could to the whole script but i would need to see ur workspace like how did u do everything

with hitboxes and like i only need the placement system i can make the other stuff i want to make a good fun tycoon and not like a normal boring one

slots? blah blah blah blah blah i need 30 minmum to type

what do you mean by with hitboxes.

like i have a dropper and a convayer they are not the same size in hitbox so if if the dropper is being placed it can’t be placed inside the dropper or conwayer ik i cant spell that good

oh ye i can only make it if all placeable things requires only one plot

thats a hard thing to do… u rly need a good tutorial somewhere

this is my Workspace and what do you mean by “oh ye i can only make it if all placeable things requires only one plot”

i can’t fine any good turtorials they dont work all of them i think i found one