I need help with advertisement ideas

Hello developers!

I have resently made a new game and this is my full first day of advertisements for my game but I have a slight issue.

4k people have seen my advertisement but only 3 people clicked it which means my game not gonna get far in the future so what I am thinking is to make my game sponsor games instead of advertisements?

In you’re opinions what do you think I should do?

Advertisements if advertisements how much would I have to pay everyday?

Sponsor games if so how much would I pay for sponsoring games a day?

  1. What do you want to achieve? to get atleast 30 people on my game all at once or even more.

  2. What is the issue? the idea is to get my game famous but struggling very badly if my adverts not getting enough clicks.

  3. **What solutions have you thought of so far? ** this is my solution to ask all of you guys what to do?

Please let me know in the comments or send me a private message thanks.

The stigma around adverts is there are 2 kinds really, clickbait ones and proper adverts. Most member hungry groups go for the clickbait ones to just bulk their group out with loads of members. Or you could do a proper advert where people join who actually want to play the game. I suggest making a advert bright and big and appealing to the community, for example if your game is about some certain genre you can make it about that with a funny ad, or some explanative advert.

Some examples are doing a really cool GFX, usually holding a tool. With some sort of text below like “JOIN TODAY!” or have a “PLAY NOW” sticker on a advert to symbolise that it is a game and you want them to play it.

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Maybe you could draw a comic in those “cute roblox style” drawing about your game or something that hits a kid’s funny bone.

So i’ve been making ads before for games and as uD0ge said it’s about what do you want to achieve.
Well this isn’t a problem for you most likely but a problem for your graphic designer if the ads arent good.
If you want people to play your game you will have to know what you are going to present.
For example:

You’re making a british roleplay game and you’re advertising, you should present your game in the advertisement so the players know what they’re playing.

So now im presenting the theme in my ad, what am i going to present?
Its about what you’re thinking or feeling in the game.
Roleplay and england reminds me of the royal guard at windsor palace. So lets make an ad with a royal guard and a fancy palace behind! or you can make a citizen behind a bus.

Well, you have now something you want to present.
The second thing you want to do is improve the composition.
Now imagine i had the windsor palace and the royal guard, make sure you place the most important artefact infront. So in this case i would put my royal guard infront and a bit large so people know its about the royal guard, and the royal guard is to associate with england.

Most likely people won’t recognise windsor palace since it is so big and there are so many sides of the palace you can include into your advertisement.

the thing you dont want is the ad to be misleading
If the advertisement is misleading and people dont know what they’re seeing there is a big change players won’t click on your advertisement. So make sure you put the most interesting, well known and main subject infront.

Alright, i know what im presenting, i have my compositioning in order and people will know what they’ll see, now what?

Now you just need your text. Your text is the finishing touch to the advertisement and leads the players in the right direction.
Because you have a royal guard it still doesn’t mean it is a roleplay game. It could be a game about the royal guard or a army fashion group or something else.
Therefore we have text.

To dont make the advertisement messy you’re text needs to be short and powerfull.
now people know what the advertisement is about. what you also want to do is make sure they join. That’s why people ask to follow after they post on twitter, or subscribe after making a video on youtube.
So make sure to add something like JOIN NOW.
Also you can offer something nice so there is even more chance players will join, like: RECRUITING OFFICERS or like: USE ENGLAND123 FOR FREE COINS.

Text should also fit the theme. If you’re making a roleplay game about england make sure the text is straight to the point and does not include things like hearts or nice text effects and stuff.
If you’re making a simulator most likely you are going to do that because it fits to the theme.

To even make the advertisement more interesting, you should increase the quality of the advertisement.

Okay, i know what im presenting, i have my compositioning in order, people will know what they’ll see and i have the matching text. Now what?
For this you will be needing a good graphic designer, and if you already have one there is no problem.
It is sometimes hard to find a good graphic designer but with the right tools and knowledge you can find one. Find new devforum portofolio’s and search on discord or other platforms for just the right one to make your advertisement.

Okay, i know what im presenting, i have my compositioning in order, people will know what they’ll see, i have text and the advertisement has good quality, now what?
Now you’re done!

Remember the 3 fist rules: Presentation, Composition, Quality.
These will help alot.

Please remember not everyone might be interrested into your advertisement and not everyone will click it. If you realy want alot of people make sure to keep testing on advertisements and make sure you have a good budget for your advertisements.

Im sorry its so long but you realy need it for a great advertisement. If i have time i will make a topic about how to make a good advertisement guiding lines.
Thanks for reading!


Seen you’re post and my advertisement is this.

Also if possible are you able to make an ad for me i can pay!