I need help with an issues I am getting with some of my blender models

Hello every one i am having some difficulties in Roblox studio when i import from

Somethings that I import have invisible faces i can walk on between gaps.

Here is a body of a cargo ship I made and the problem:

If any one has a solution or advice that might be useful please share.

Thank you for your help.

There are many posts here about the fact that large Unions or MeshParts don’t have the same physical size as the rendered size.
Use the MeshPart.CollisionFidelity settings to see if it helps.

So how do i actually change the CollitionFidelity on my boat?

As @Scottifly said just click on the Mesh you imported (in your workspace hierarchy), scroll down to the property CollisionFidelity and change it to PreciseConvexDecomposition.

I see it now and have done it it works perfectly thx @Scottifly and @RMofSBI


Great, please credit @Scottifly with the solution.

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