I need help with creating a Walk to Shop

SO i looked up a walk to shop tutorial but there was only shop gui’s
Then i looked at the devforum and saw this as my first result.

But it doesn’t exactly tell me How to do it anyone got suggestions or scripts i can use?

(If you want to be credited, Just ask me)


So are you trying to make the player walk to the shop?
If yes, you can use Humanoid:MoveTo(targetPart) to do so.

Perhaps use a beam. Put an attachment in a part within the door. After that, insert an attachment in the player’s HumanoidRootPart. Set the beam’s attachment properties to the two attachments. Now the player will be able to find the shop like they’re using a GPS.

if u wanna do that you’ll have to spam it cause it times out after like 8 seconds
and if theres any obstacles then it can practically do nothing
pathfinding service is a better option

I mean like one of those game shops where you don’t buy gamepasses but instead game items in simulators

Do you want them to walk there or teleport there?

well walk because i am creating a gui where they can buy stuff from it for cash that they have earned

Then you’re gonna need to use the Pathfinding Service or MoveTo() unless there’s another way to make a character walk somewhere.

I’m assuming it’s an area that will open a GUI.

not make them walk to it so the player has to walk their manually

Oh, you mean like a pointer? “Walk” was a bit misleading. You can use some kind of GUI and then set the length to the distance between the character and the part.

give me ten mins i will send u a screen shot of what it looks like

I gotta create it unless u dont want to see

I mean, if it is a pointer/guide to the shop, what I described above might work.

maybe, i just need like a script in the model that i am trying to get help for, i am only a new scripter

Can you describe what you’re trying to do in a bit more detail? I’m struggling to understand.

SO i am creating a shop model that sends the player a gui That they use to buy stuff with their cash and when they walk out or click the Red X it closes.

Like if there s a glowing ring around the front of the shop

inside it will be a invisible part im guessing and they will be the trigger

I guess you could make the inside ring open it and the outside ring close it, if you want a guide for the player to the shop you need to get the distance between them.