I need help with customising Basic Admin Essentials main module

What do I need help with?

How do I customise Basic Admin Essentials Main Module? I want to be able to customise the things in this list.

What do I want customised?

  • The names of the ranks (eg: instead of owner, it would be amazing owner.)
  • The text in the pm it sends if your an admin (usually it sends You’re an admin click a list to view commands) I want to change this to what I’d like.
  • The font.
  • The text colour.

What extra things do I want to know?

When I’ve configured the main module, how would I connect my edited module to the main Basic Admin script?

In conclusion:

I don’t know much about Basic Admin Essentials. I hope to learn more about this and grow my knowledge. If anybody can help I would be so grateful. Thank you for your help.


Hi :slight_smile: I will be here to help you!
You would be kind enough to give me your edited module so I can fit it in with the BAE!
Once I have your edited module, I can just send you a rbxm of what the model group would look like!
sorry I have bad grammar, :sob:

devforums glitched

I have found something that might be useful in the main module.
To change the rank names would I just change the names of the tables?

To access the main module; just type this in your command bar:

game:GetService("InsertService"):LoadAsset(563619835,true).Parent = workspace
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I’m sure that would break it, so don’t.

no thats bad idea it would break because its a module script.

Yeah, I’ve not. I’ll wait untill somebody that knows the BAE module scripts replys.

Let me go study the module script, I’ll get back to you if I find anything

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that method seems to not work on my studio

Alright, thanks for helping! :slight_smile:

Have you done this on your command bar?

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You need to publish your edited module on Roblox,
copy the ID of it and go into the main script.
Find “Loader Id”
paste your id into the id shown

Thanks, I appreciate the help. :smiley:

Let me know if it works, please. :cold_face:

Yeah, I can’t seem to find it in my inventory in Studio

Insert it via command bar:

game:GetService(“InsertService”):LoadAsset(563619835,true).Parent = workspace

you have to own a copy of the model for it to work! :earth_americas:

I do own the module… It’s in my inventory. I can’t seem to find it in my Studio Toolbox.

html is fun

perhaps your inventory is private?