I need help with getting this Lighting

Hey Guys! I am trying to get lighting for some of my builds, I am pretty used to lighting and I know some cool things with it. However I have stumbled across someones twitter in which they posted a picture of a the back of a house and I did not know how they got this lighting! I will provide a picture:

I have tried getting the lighting correct but I seem to fail every time I try to make it look like it. I do believe the lighting is in blender on his but I will let the people tell me and make assumptions.
This is the image that he made


Appears as if they are using color correction with contrast up, I am not entirely sure though but I still have a few recommendations to possibly make your place look better.

  • Put Brightness in Lighting to 2
  • Use ShadowMap in Technology in Lighting
  • Set EnvironmentDiffuseScale and EnvironmentSpecularScale in Lighting to 1
  • Insert SunraysEffect and BloomEffect into Lighting

Future is Bright Phase 2… It’s Shadowmap with possibly the avatar evolution lighting.

I was about to post the steps, however @zwlsh beat me to it. Fair play. :+1:


What is exactly avatar evolution?

Oh you’re missing out big time, it’s the greatest thing since slice bread!.. I think…

Anyways, it’s apart of Future is Bright Phase 2.5 to where lighting looks much better on custom materials.

This is the official release of it, there was something previously posted about the lighting, or at least using the lighting before it was officially released. At least I think lol.

I suggest checking out these posts and diving into the replies for extra details and tips. I do this all the time when new announcements are made by the staff and I’d recommend you do too! :wink:

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