I need help with GUI

Hello. I have been trying for two days to make a normal interface for my game, but I always have this problem, I have already tweaked all the plugins, but the problem persists. I have already despaired and for this I am writing here

Thank you for help!

So the problem is that when you press the robux button it changes the size of the gui?

No, the problem is that the position of the interface changes after I enter the game

Can you explain how this works and what plugins you use for the gui.

I used several “autosize” plugins including auto scale lite

Here is a clearer video: bug - YouTube

Hey there! The problem that you are trying to explain here is that. The Ui changes its positions from the position you have assigned it, and this happens whenever you enter a game.

You can use Position locks provided by Roblox themselves you can add these as a child to the Image label or whatever you want this to be done with
image Use these to set the position of the Ui on your screen.

Topics like these already exist on Dev Forums or youtube, Here are some links which can help you with your problem.

I hope this helped you! Good luck!

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If what @Ecot_s said doesn’t work, try looking at your script and see if there’s any errors.

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Hi @Electrosafari

I Think You’re problem is that the offset is not set to 0

Some Time Ago i Just answer at an similar post who spoke of a problem similar to yours.

Check This About Scaling GUI: How to scale and position UI based on screen size - #4 by Sonostrano20

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Unfortunately, 1 and 2 solutions didnt work for me :confused:

Thanks for the help, but where can I find this?

What Do You need to find? If You’re talking about the plugin just click On The Link In My Previous Message

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I’m desperate. It doesn’t help me. I just don’t know what to do with it. My game won’t be complete without an interface, but I can’t get it to work…

Are You Sure That you don’t have Others Script that modify the position / size When you Open That GUI?

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yes, i’m sure of it. (maybe I’m doing something wrong), but I still can’t get it.

I completely redesigned my interface according to your instructions and it finally works! Thank you!!!

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