I need help with little indications on my UI screen

Hey, so with some time I was able to whip together a UI screen for my bowling game, here’s a picture of what I have so far:

Just a side note, that bowling pin is actually the mouse cursor…probably could’ve gotten a better shot. :joy:

But anyways, this screen is for configuring your bowling balls. I feel like I need to do a better job of indicating what are buttons you can click. For example, the “Finger Grip Type” label is actually a button; where after clicking on it you can change your grips. But from perspective, it might appear as just a text label for information.

Another side note, but everything drawn on this screen is a draft, just to show how it’ll function. Like, the “Ball is fully restored” text would look different if you need to restore your ball. Same deal with the “Ball Condition” text. I had plans of shading it’s text color from green to red depending on actual ball condition.

Any ideas?? Thanks :slight_smile:


I think a basic hover would help for cursor users. If you plan to expand to mobile use then it’s a bit trickier… generally a GUI outline like you have for that green portion implies that it’s clickable (for me, anyways). But even then, mobile users will get used to knowing which is which.

Nice UI btw


Make textlabel don’t have a background.