- I need help with making a Skins System -

I have a game and I really want to have skins for players to buy, for example Piggy, or Arsenal the thing is that everyone can buy them and use them every time, for example, if a buy a noob skin, I can use it everywhere, and it will save too.

I cant really find any tutorials related to this, and im not that good at scripting

If someone knows any details about this, or you have any questions, feel free to ask and share them, it would be helpful

(This is my first time making a post like this, if there is something I need to change or add, tell me)

This will all depend on the base game systems you have down, if you even have any at all. Skins tie in to the game’s systems and how they construct characters, so skins also have to be a part of that process if you’re doing anything special beyond just modifying textures.

Please do make an attempt yourself. If you are unable to, you have a lot of resources around that you can reference for getting started with programming. Attempting high-level projects without sufficient understanding of programming will trip you up not only to get it running but to maintain it later, so it’s better to build your knowledge of programming first. You can also, for a price, ask for help creating the whole system via #collaboration:recruitment.