I need help with my game roblox

Hello,good afternoon or morning I’m doing my game, can you tell me what I could add more? What do I need to improve? It’s a parkour game When I have it ready I will upload it When I have it ready I will upload it When I put a floor and things fall, can you tell me why? I don’t know why that happens to me help me please builder or developers I’ll put more things that come


Are your Parts CanCollide true?
If you look in the Properties window when you have the Part selected then see if the CanCollide box isn’t checked off. If it isn’t then click the box.

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Hmm… maybe try to think of your favorite obby game on roblox and get some inspiration. Also, I recommend adding more details to the game to make it stand out a bit. It looks a little like one of those [1000+ STAGES] Fun Awesome Obbies.

This is quite simple actually, drag over all of the parts (Unless they locked, if they are, unlock them first) and press the anchor button on the top middle section of your screen. It should look something like this.

That will make it so your parts stay in the air and are unmovable. Hopefully this answers your questions.


I am not positive but I think you used many free models and I suggest that you be original.


Hello good morning I tell you I only took 1 the rest I did it I is half original

Try to not use many free models, it wont look original and there may be viruses. Be safe with scripts you dont recognise.

Yes i now i only took 1 the other is original

delete all free models immediately and dont touch this baseplate again because they could contain viruses which will lead you to termination
use parts for making obbies also use other figures
read/watch alot of tutorials how to make lobby and code kill part
get some ideas from friends so its will be much original
take are look at different obbies

Ok I only had 1 nothing more by and good morning