I need help with my game settings

I can’t develop now because all the time when I finished naming my game or doing other stuff in game settings and press save, it will get hanged and I’ll need to shutdown my whole PC. Somebody please help me with this issue.

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try again, reset your pc before doing it or get a better pc. only things i can think of

You may be talking about this issue, that had already been reported.

It is extremely annoying, as I experienced it myself, but is sometimes fixed with time for some reason.

You can of course close the window with task manager, but the settings only saved about 50% of the time, at least when the bug occurred for me.

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This is a common bug for a lot of people, though I usually just press win+alt+Delete, to open task manager, then end the task, and as long as you saved your game before hand, your settings should save with your game.