I need help with my game

Hello there,

So my game is based on Ruddev’s Battle Royale Game (Open Source) and I took the source (that’s why my game is based on that game) but anyways, there is a script inside my game that lets you buy the currency “Tickets” and it uses developer products. I swapped the game source’s Developer Product IDs with my IDs and when I test purchased more than one of my developer products, it didn’t give me the tickets but, when I put the source game’s Developer Product IDs back (Not my Developer Product IDs), it was working fine and I wonder if you can help me and you can go to the open source game and take a look at what I’m talking about:

Link to the open source game: [OPEN SOURCE] Ruddev's Battle Royale - Roblox

I assume the problem is the client part, you may have forgotten to replace the ids in the GUIs.

You must of not fully changed each product variable, like Kaiden said check the client and make sure you didn’t miss those ones as well as check the server for ones you possibly could of forgot.

what do you mean?
I don’t know how to script but I might be able to understand some easy script(s)

Do you happen to have discord? I would love to help you I just can’t help you over devforum without seeing the code.

I have Discord
My Discord username is: ZonerPlayz#9438

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