I need help with scripting

I am so confused guys. I have been studying the code for so long, and I can’t even create a game yet! I have come to ask, how did you guys successfully learn to script.


Maybe your approaching programming the wrong way. And you’re probably memorizing. If not then whenever you learn something new, you should experiment with it and make something out of it. And making a game will take patience. You should master the bare basics then move onto intermediate things. Then you can make a portfolio and once you can easily finish what the people wants, you can go onto making a game. Like make smaller and smaller games then gradually you can make a very big game.

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I suggest reading off of the Developer Api, or watching TheDevKing’s scripting tutorials, they both really help me learn how to code. If you’re still having trouble, maybe you’re just not understanding it? Anyways, I’ll link all the sources I used to learn how to code below:

Hey @InfernoProgrammer11!
Coding is a challenge. But, like all challenges, it is doable.
Basically, what you have to do is put in the time. You are probably thinking:

Uhh, duh?

But I’m serious. It takes A LOT of practice. For me, I started scripting last year, when COVID struck. That is a relatively short time for a scripter, especially one who considers himself “advanced” (self-proclaimed, I can script entire games, systems, etc). BUT, I put in a stupid amount of time. 1000s of hours (I’m ashamed to admit). It took so much time, but after that, it clicked, and I can design almost anything now.

When scripting, USE REFERENCES. Google things constantly, if you don’t know how to do something. Use the tools around you, like the DevForum, Youtube, and the Toolbox. Dissect the code, and really try to know what it means. After a while, you will be able to read code much like a book, and be able to type it up.

I guess what I’m saying is, put in the time and effort. Every day, study, and practice. Slowly, you’ll get better.

Hope this helps! This is just my knowledge, if it clarifies, you can mark it as a solution (but if you aren’t looking for a solution, I would move this to #development-discussion )

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Ok so I started coding a while ago with basically no progress and then I used this site it lists completely how to use lua.
This website I would read most of it or at least skim through portions of the book.
Important things to learn are:

  • Variables
  • functions- including functions with …(I forgot what they are called
  • for loops(number and table based)
  • Tables

Also understanding object oriented is also important as the API of roblox is based on OOP. This should make understanding Functions Events and Properties makes more sense.

This link should be helpful

This link here is new and is hopefully useful Learn Roblox Studio | Roblox Creator Documentation

After that it is just a lot of practice, hope this helps.