I need help with stolen clothes

Some of the clothes I spend hours drawing get reuploaded by random people, and I noticed one of my outfits had suddenly stopped getting sales as often as it had before. When I searched it up on the catalog, I saw that there were stolen copies getting more sales than the original. I reported the outfits several times but they didn’t get taken down.

I know it’s common for clothing to get stolen, but this stolen outfit has more sales than any of my designs and my clothing group is not very popular. It feels like such a waste. Reporting these items doesn’t seem to work, so is there any other way I can solve this problem and get rid of the copies of the piece?

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It’s unfortunate to hear that your clothes have been getting copied, but there are ways to help make sure that they don’t. Personally I make sure to write my signature (which can just be your Roblox username), then I put it on one of the sides. By doing this it makes it much harder for someone to copy and this has helped me a lot.

As you can see in the image above, I simply put a signature on both sides where the arms would do. Therefore our buyers won’t be able to necessarily see it.

There’s another example of what you can do above.

I also do recommend making a personal template that has your usernames, etc.

I put my username on the bottom of the torso and have my username on the template. People don’t usually see that stuff so people buy the copies anyways.

Did You Contact Roblox Support Via The Actual Email Prosses Or Just Report The Item With The Built In Report Tool?

I reported it several times, but the copies weren’t taken down

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Have You Tried A DMCA Take Down Notice? If Not Try That, Sorry To Hear About It Though.

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Make sure the bottom of the toros has some sort of unique design that would make it hard for them to just blur the names out. Like others have been suggesting please reach out to Roblox support via email. They’ll be able to help further. :slight_smile:

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