I need ideas for temple decoration!

I’m currently modeling a rollercoaster that runs through an ancient temple because indoor rides are always my favorite. Part of the problem though is that I have tons of empty rooms to fill with content haha. I was hoping whoever reads this could give some things they’d like to see included/ideas or rather just an object you’d expect to see in a temple. An example would be a fallen pillar or a treasure chest. Any ideas are greatly appreciated! I’ll drop the game link so you can see the look I’m going for, but keep in mind this project was just started!

Game Link: Terrain Practice - Roblox

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This should be in #help-and-feedback to my knowledge.

I think this would fit more in #platform-feedback! Anways, I think the top could be decorated a bit more! Hope this helps!

The top of the second room with the statue? If so, I was planning on it once the decorations were all in haha. However, do you have any ideas for roofing features?