I need ideas for this builds

Hey there im currently working on a map for a game!
But i need some more ideas, i feel that they needs something more, but i don’t know what. :man_shrugging:

Take a look to the builds (click the small triangle to view the pictures):

Center Tower

(Outside, see it in action!)


(Lower Floor)

(Upper Floor)

Giant Air Balloon




Any feedback appreciated!
Thank you!


Maybe you could add a secret room of sorts.

Cool builds! If you need more build ideas I’d probably recommend adding a floating city! Not sure what kind of a game you’re going for but this gives me floating city vibes.


Well, something like this game, i take a lot of inspiration from there:


Also, the map is not done yet :sweat_smile:

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Looking cool, have you thought about making an airship? A floating billboard would be cool as well :+1:


I was thinking that there should be a spawn area, allowing players to explore on their own. Also if it’s a roleplaying game, ill add housing for civilians.

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