I need ideas/feedback for my framework

Hey all! As of recent, I’ve made my personal framework opensourced. I am currenty working towards making an “official” stable release for it that is filled with features.

However, I am short on ideas for the framework, as the core of it is already done.
What features would you guys like to see in an MVC-like framework (similiar to @Crazyman32’s aero framework)?

Any ideas/feedback is welcomed! :slight_smile:


Really cool, can’t wait to try out the stable release :slight_smile:


Cool, is this basically a new way to program in roblox?
Also, could you release a version that can be run? I would LOVE to be the one of the first to try it, I love seeing new takes on Roblox :grin:

Edit: I will show my Discord server this, I just think it’s so cool, and my developers might wanna try it too! Hopefully, you should get a few thousand people trying it when it releases.

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The version in the “master” branch on the github repository is a runnable version. Right now installing the framework is a bit difficult if you aren’t used to using tools such as rojo.

When package sharing becomes a supported feature (shown in the roadmap for this year), I’ll see about making the framework a public package that you can just plop into your game.

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Well thanks :slight_smile: ! I originally wrote the framework to solve my own problems that I was having with large, complex projects (code communication, code reuse, etc). The end result was something that could be re-used across every project. When I realized this, I decided to work on getting the framework into a state where it could be opensourced.

Just keep in mind that the framework is still being actively developed, so if you or anyone does decide to use it, I wouldn’t update it willy nilly as I may add non-backwards compatible features. If you do use it and decide to update it when a new update comes out, test it out in your game first to make sure it doesn’t break anything (and fix things that do break). I highly suggest versioning the framework with packages (https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/articles/roblox-packages), so that you can roll back the framework version as needed.

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Could you make a tutorial on this? I am great with game coding; this kind of stuff more confuses me XD

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Yep, I do plan on making tutorials and such for my framework! I just haven’t had the time to do it yet, unfortunately.

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