I need recommendations to improve my building skills

*I need help Any ideas of what to build like decorations im new to building and i need some practice

  • i cant figure out how must stuff works so please reply with some ideas of small things i should try to improve my building
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Try to build an apartment, with the fire escape and the window Ac unit. I made one and it was pretty fun, you should try it.

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Thanks! I’ll try to build that once i get some more free time

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I’d say build whatever small assets you can think of (furniture is an excellent way to practice building imo) As horribly as it turns out, you’ll always learn from what you did and improve.

For example, my first build ever was an outdoor camping area with tents, trees, picnic tables, etc. scattered about. (I’ll edit this post if I can find a picture, that was way back in 2013) They looked really blocky, unrealistic and I would scoff at them now, but the feeling of not using free models for the first time was great, and I only improved from there.

Tangent aside, start with anything you think you have the motivation for and then go on from there. Try not to overshoot it as trying to start off with massive projects is the #1 to kill motivation

Thanks i see what u mean i made something once that took 7 hours and then just quit for awhile

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I would recommend looking at real photographs. You can watch some videos as well.

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Practice, practice, practice. Use reference photos, but don’t learn to completely rely on them (I kinda screwed up here, I have a hard time building without references). Replicating the real world is in my opinion the best way to learn how to build well.

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Thanks! i’ll try to do that and ive been using some refrences and there looking good sorry for my grammer btw

This too, I forgot to mention. I personally see nothing wrong with using reference photos often, even as an advanced builder, but as long as you’re able to take elements from them and make something original then you’re good to go :+1:

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I would recommend making a showcase, in my opinion, is the best way to improve building skills; Since you can learn more things you didn’t know. Also I recommend using blender to make high poli and low poli (optional). Hope this helped, have a good day!

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Thanks! i would use blender but sadly i dont knwo hwo to use it got any ideas of hwo i can learn it?

Consult other posts that have people ask the same question, here are some:

There are some tutorials in youtube teaching how to use blender like this one. Also there are some online courses that teach you how to use blender well.

There are already thousands of threads on this topic. Please search in the future before attempting to create a similar topic, just to avoid repeated topics.“Above linked post”.

(Simple answer: is you just practice) and start building brainstorm ideas you have in mind and go from there. Just try experimenting with different things you wanting to create build a detailed chair or a simple house with additional details on it make things like a desk, radio, house, a small showcase. To improve your building skills combine a few reference images you have in mind and try to replicate it inside studio and see what the end result brings.

I would consider looking at images online to get some simple ideas to build I find this very helpful for a beginner however it might be different for everyone find something your comfortable with and go from there