I NEED SCRIPTER S (Scripter Community)

Hello there scripter!

I have a scripter Community for scripter s and people that hire them.

I’m looking for a scripter that would like to get hired.

If you’re a scripter then you get your own rank (scripter) in the group and discourd server.

i learn beginner scripter s how to script like a good scripter.

Sometimes we hangout but not much, only if someone wants it.

All the info can be spoken with your client in the discourd server. (Pay method, what script to make, etc)

If you’re intrested then you can join here:

I see you gast scripter! In my scripter Community of course!

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I don’t really understand this post. It looks like you just want people to join your group, which is not the point of the DevForum.

If you are actually hiring a scripter, what about payment? What are we actually scripting? There is barely any info in the post.

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Agreed, what’s the payment? You should put that in your post to draw attention since right now most people would click out of this.

EDIT: Sry, I replied to @Kdude_YT instead of the thread…

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