I need some advices plz :D

Add me on discord if you would like me to draw you roblox character/oc. I can also make game thumbnails.You can also give some advices :smiley:


I’m interested! Sent a request on Discord

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It looks soooooo cute girl omg-
I want one, if you want to contact me. This is my discord. mistyfesses#8559

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I’m willing to purchase one. The one that costs 50 maybe or 25.

Also what I meant I can buy one. They are cute and honestly I love your art

Why’d this get flagged? [30char]

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It was most likely due to not following the format.

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Very friendly person to commission and the art was adorable. :+1:

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holy shjfjksghk please PLEASE add me on discord xKorl#8700

Very great response times, got it done quickly and it was perfect! Would recommend

Hello, I would like to get art of my avatar. Please add my discord,

  • kidsxft#0001

How much do you charge? Your drawings are so cute by the way!

The full body is 200 robux, the small full body is 75 and the head is 50

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What is your discord? I really want one.

iluvpie#2809 (i increased my prices btw)

I recommend her art, it’s honestly amazing and so cute. I’m satisfied with the commission.:sob::sob::heart::heart:

I love your style! I’d like to order a full body. Contact me on discord: Kadrava#7946

I would recommend, services are fast and the art was what I wanted it to be!

I’m interested. Contact me in discord: Vortex#9801, I sent you a friend request.

Ooo. These look really good. I am interested. Please add me here: Cookie#5475. Sorry if I don’t respond right away!