I need some cartoony letter H decals because Roblox's search is buggy (and currently broken, AWESOME!)

I’m trying to achieve getting a good looking letter H.

The issue is, I cannot find the letter H or any singular letters that look good enough. I need this to design the walls on a Citadel obby and just scatter the letter H around on the walls (Cartoon-like letters, by the way). Something like this:


I’ve tried searching through decals, but Roblox’s search system is super faulty and almost never works.

I’ve also tried uploading my OWN decals of the letter H. But according to Roblox’s super awesome moderation it’s just too inappropriate.

This got moderated and I got a warning for it. Wow. I'm lost for words.

Can anyone please provide me with some good letter H decals??? I’m so lost.

Moderation is pretty weird, if it got warned immediately just reupload with a slight change.

Can’t you just use a SurfaceGUI with some TextLabels?

No. I don’t want that. They don’t have what I’m going for.


I tried my best ok

I’d like it better if it was thicker and the lines were a bit more ragged.

Also, since I’m at risk of getting another warning which puts more possibly risk on my account, I have massive anxiety uploading decals now! Awesome! This is possibly because I’m pretty sure when you’re 13+ you get punished harsher for things. Which is really unfair…

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First of all, thats not true.

2nd of all, you can have infinite warnings. They don’t really do anything its just saying “hey man that wasnt cool man, stop doing that man.”