I need some court ideas for my tennis game. Any suggestions?



Me being an aviation fanatic, how about you make a scene where you’re on the inside of a commercial/cargo plane having an intense tennis battle.


Image result for plane tennis

Thats intense.



That’ll be cool! I’ll create that court idea in ROBLOX Studio when I get back home.


Awesome, cant wait to see what you come up with.


I’m currently working on it.

Here is how it looks like right now. It’s still a W.I.P though, but I hope you like the work I have done so far! They have Voxel lightning in it, which is the Future is Bright (Phase 1) lightning engine!

So, how do you like my work so far? Any improvements I should make?


I think if you want your game to be “realistic”, you should definitely invest more time in creating more realistic assets and maps.


Have you ever played Wii sports? The tennis court concept of Wii sports tennis is a really nice and classic layout for a tennis court. If you have spectators or if you just have NPC sitting on the bleachers.


Yeah, I played Wii Sports. In fact, I have tried to replicate it. Mind if I show you it? I am planning to recreate it more to the original version of the Wii Sports tennis court.


I recommend going for a happy/bright theme to the maps.

I wouldn’t find it too enjoyable playing tennis in a darker volcano where most of the colours around me are red and dark grey.


Okay then. I will do that for my tennis courts for the game. I will make the Inferno Volcano court a BOSS BATTLE court.


Here are some of my ideas I used for my tennis game I scrapped…

  • Building roof sky scraper

  • Moutian Peak

  • Cave

  • Yacht

  • Island

  • Tiki

  • Underwater glass dome

  • Moving platform

  • On a RV moving down a highway

  • Jungle

  • School

  • On ice

  • Normale park

Hope this helped!


Okay then! I will start with the skyscraper tennis court first. Okay?


Ok lol you don’t have to use all my ideas. If you need a photo Dubi has one.

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Maybe add a hotline bling map for the game