I need some court ideas for my tennis game. Any suggestions?

So, I am working on a tennis game, called “Activehenry’s Realistic Tennis”. I thought up some courts for the game, one set in a stadium, another one set in the beach, and another one set on a yacht, one set on a building’s rooftop, and so on. But, I need new ideas for courts for people to play on in my game. So, does anyone have suggestions for me? I am planning to build them in ROBLOX Studio, so please give me some great suggestions!

Thank you.

A volcano one:


That’ll be AWESOME. It will be called “Inferno Volcano”. It will be a boss court, where you play against the court-related boss. The idea was inspired by the Virtua Tennis games, where you play against the boss on their own court. So, what will the boss look like and what will he be called?

He could be made out of molten lava, kind of like this:

I also Google translated the word “Fire” to latin to get the name “Ignis”. Maybe that will help

How about “Volcano of Ignis” as a map name (Using Intended_Pun translation)?
Just an idea…

And what type of skills will he have? I think he will have EXTREMELY powerful shots and VERY FAST serves that are hard to return unless you have a skill that can counter one of Ignis’s skills. Also, where will it be located, and what will be its location name?

He can shoot fire out of his mouth and eyes or something, lol.

I’m not sure about location name. I wish it could be Mordor.

So, since I wanted to make logos for each court, what will the logo look like for this court?

I googled “Fire logo” and found this. Something like the one at the very bottom of the page would look cool:

So, what will the volcano court look like? The surface will be hard since it is on a volcano.

This is the thread I will look towards when describing feature creep.

PS: Generally adding weather-themed maps would be quite pleasing and diverse.


Fire can be either ‘Ignis’ or ‘Flamma’. The only benefit of studying Latin GCSE Ignis sounds a lot better though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Make one on an asteroid in the middle of space

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Underwater. Some people might question the physics but… I think the coral and cute fish scenery would be very nice. And bubble particle effects following the ball and player movements. Lovely.

People use latin for things like this ALL the time

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That’ll be great!

That’s a great idea! I will make courses based on the fire, water, earth, and air weather elements!

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I feel like, if it were a realistic tennis game, there ought to be some unique architectural areas, specifically references to the real-world. Having tennis take place on a beach or boat is cool and all, but why not kick it up a notch? Here are a couple ideas I had in mind…

Definitely one of my favorite kinds of architectures; classic Russian structures like these are so dang distinct to me. I definitely could see a winter-tennis combo happening in a plaza surrounded by buildings like this.

European castles (specifically French ones) are especially cool. Imagine playing tennis on the rooftops or in a dungeon of one of these bad boys.

This needs no context.

I could also see a casual round of tennis played in Australian plains, with houses like this here and there.

Gosh I could imagine tennis in any of these. They’re probably very unlikely to happen, but these would be cool to see within the game.

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These are great ideas! But, now I have to go to sleep. I’ll make all these suggestions tomorrow. When I finish them, I’ll show them. Thank you.

A courtroom.