I need some direction/ideas for my freecam sandbox prototype/game!

Alright hey!

So I created this pretty ̶u̶n̶i̶q̶u̶e̶ sandbox freecam type game which I guess really isn’t a full fledge game but more like a protoype…

Anyways, so basically the basis for the game is pretty simple so, there is a gem at the center of the map,

And you have to build structures around it to protect it, you can place structures

You can also place mobs aswell, currently only a zombie…

When you place down a mob it will rush to the gem, breaking through structures, so yeah thats literally it, I feel like I could completley change the game up but I just need some fresh eyes on this and some good ideas, Im welcome to any ideas you may have



This looks like it has some very real potential to become a great game! :+1: :smile:

However, the one thing I think is missing is a base theme.

  • It’s very generic: a typical diamond, flat white baseplate and typical zombies. Come up with a unique theme that pleases you and that you think will please other players.

  • Or, even have multiple themes on a round-basis:
    A city theme one round - where your barricades are vehicles and lampposts, you’re protecting a bank and the enemies are criminals.
    A majestic theme the next round - a turquoise-grass, floating island landscape, your barricades are forcefields, you’re protecting a unicorn, the enemies are goblins.
    A classic Roblox theme - a blocky and studded landscape, you’re protecting Builderman or a Guest, your barricades are the brick walls from the shovel tool, and your enemies are R15 characters (lol), or hackers.

Overall, this needs a theme to become iconic and memorable as an experience for a player.

Best of luck to you & your game! Looks very promising & fun, i’d love to play it :+1: :smiley: