I need some feedback on my low-poly boxing arena!

Hello guys today i woke up energized so i decided to make a boxing arena it took me 2 hours and 40 minutes here is the game link and some photos


Any feedback on the build is of course appreciated thanks!


Seems alright to me, however, there are quite a few things you might want to keep an eye on, starting from this entrance part, as you can see, the issue is in the seats, so basically the person seated in one of the room’s angle’s part, will be facing the other viewers instead of the boxing ring, as shown on this image:


Next would be the lighting, once again on the arena’s edges, It’s like a bit lighter there when it should actually be darker.

The next issue would be in the seats once more, you should make the seats up higher, and their height difference bigger as well.

Also, there are more rather necessary details you should add, I’ll show you a few boxing arena image examples:


I hope you will take some notes from this post if it was helpful. The arena is overall well made, if you would take out all of the issues, I wish you good luck with it! If anything, I’m happy to help. :grin:


Thank you this really helped me also this is the first time for me making something like this

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For a first time, this is top notch! I’d be more than happy to see what the ending result would look like! :smiley:

There are a lot of mistakes in this build

Not sure why this hexagon is missing a face

Red Ropes bulge out in a strange manner

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sorry didnt see that my bad im not the best at blender


Hi! I really like the build overall, a few things could be polished up and you’ll be good.

My first feedback is that you could have some more lighting around the place. The lighting isn’t that bad right now, but some parts are too dark, and you want an equal amount of lighting throughout the entire build (consistency) but a bit more in the ring.

You could also add a few more details to it. Maybe add a logo/decal to the ring that has a picture of a boxing glove or something, something that represents boxing and the boxing match. You could also work on adding stage lights around the place but looking towards the ring to attract the player. Maybe even add some stairs going up to the ring, a desk for the judges/commentators, stuff like that.

And finally, maybe you should raise the seats a little bit because if you’ve seen boxing arenas, the spectator seats have a slope, the seat elevations are going higher and higher if you get what I mean.

I hope this helps.


Thank you this helps me to build better!

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Here is the fixed lighting i think it looks better already!

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Yep! You could make the seats area a tiny bit darker so the player’s focus is on the ring. You can also try different colors of pointlights and see which works out the best. And be sure to use some stage lights and make the seats higher! :wink:

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Personally, it’s pretty decent to see that you have created your own layout, however consider creating your own floor instead of using the roblox material on it. Also, the little lighting that you have are a bit nice but really dull and plain, you might just want to add more lighting and proper chairs the circle lighting doesn’t look to appealing.

I would recommend looking at creating the ring more inviting, by adding in some tables, picture frames something necessary. You could also look at other images or existing games and get some tips and ideas for how the whole design and layout of the place feel. Boxing arena don’t have that type of lighting perhaps making the boxing arena ceiling have “spotlights” on it, making it more easier to see.

Searching a few images up could find you a better idea on what I’m taking about. Overall, it seems like your going for a simplicity build if so I think it’s a bit undetailed, and with some more added objects to give it a better feel, you’ll be on your way to creating an decent boxing arena!

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thank you this helps me alot!


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I don’t know whether this is a low poly style or not because i think it’s just a simple build.
It’s good and pretty decent. Try adding more details on the ground because it’s quite bland.
Next time if you are making a low poly scene, please make sure you know what low poly is. :grinning:(you don’t have to agree with me, just my opinion)

it’s pretty cool, but I think you need to fix the pointlight, other then that I like it! image

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Fix the lightin+ shadows, the seats look widely uncomfortable and there is usually a box for the commentators. I suggest adding a TV above it for the people in the back and brightening the room, adding detail and ads. good job

Thanks means alot to me you like it!

Honestly, I love the simplicity, however there are some things that can be added and fixed to make this build look even better, for starters.

  • The hexagons for the ropes can be fixed easily by going into blender, adding a cylinder, decreasing the verticle amount to 6 and simply increasing it in size.
  • The pointlight in the middle looks a bit off, it almost feels like it doesn’t belong there, I suggest making the light more natural and adding spotlights that hang off the ceiling.
  • Using a reference picture is actually a great way to not only improve the build, but your skills as you go along.

Other than that, it’s a pretty good build!
Hope this helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think that there are a few things you could add and improve upon. Lighting in the corners would be nice, as it seems dark in the corners. The seats are good, but they don’t seem detailed. Maybe some cupholders or making them seatable,sitable (I’m not sure which one is correct) and possibly some NPC’s in the seats or in the ring, and maybe instead of walls there could be section where you could go out and go to snack bars, washrooms, etc

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