I need some help making a boss battle system

Hi, I want to create a simple boss battle for my game, I tried searching in the forum and other resources but I found nothing that could lead me anywhere.

Can you guys pls help me figure out how would I approach this topic?

I have heard the best way is to create a module-based boss battle how would I approach making one?

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I actually have a game on going which has a boss battle system, but I don’t think I can share my game scripts with you.

However, tell me if these links help you!
Boss Battle System

https://www.roblox.com/library/42985865/Make-a-Boss-Battle-Kit-V-1-3 (DID NOT MAKE IT, CREDITS TO PERSON WHO DID!)

I hope they help!

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thats alr i am sure this will help. I will mark your reply as a solution if this works :smiley:

Thanks, and that would be great, hope they help!

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ok so I looked and tried every one of your links but I think I will go for a module-based Boss Battle. I will tell you more about once I have figured out how I would approach it. Btw thx for the links :slight_smile:

Alright, that would be great, if you can mark as solution tho, would be great!

I will mark it as a solution once it works. I got the idea and almost figured out how to make it. :slight_smile:

Try checking this out, I am looking for all possible solutions.

just found out the answer to this whole boss battle thing :slight_smile:
It’s in the recent link you just gave me. I will use tables and math.random() to make the boss battle.

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I will tell you and send you a screenshot of my boss battle once this works. :slight_smile:

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Alright, no problem, hope it goes good! Mark solution on the latest link i sent! @Grayuu

Mark solution!

Please don’t try to force somebody to mark your post as a solution, let him mark it as a solution when it actually works. :smile:


He said on discord that he would, and I just want others to see it!

On discord? I never addded anyone on discord. I am a bit confused right there :confused:

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Sorry, wrong person, but if you would mark it that would be great, thanks!